Tarpaflex Make Boat Storage Easy with the ‘Marina Boat Garage’

NAPLES, FL, November 20, 2009  — Some of the most common items that people look to protect from the elements are their boats. Boats can be both investments and sources of joy and need to be carefully protected from extreme weather. Now, Tarpaflex, who specialise in canvas tarps, coloured tarps and camouflage tarps offer their Marina Boat Garage – the perfect solution for protecting your boat.

Boating is more than just a hobby for some people. For many, it is a way of life and whether the boat is used for fishing or enjoying lazy weekends on lakes and rivers they provide relaxation and joy to many people. A quick and easy boat tarp is very important for your boat’s protection and boating enthusiasts know how important it is to have the right protection for their boat. When you own a boat you want to make sure that she is protected all year round, no matter whether it is winter or summer.

Bob Page, CEO of Tarpaflex who also specialise in canvas tarps and clear tarps said, “One of the most popular uses for tarps for many years has been to protect boats from the elements. The fact that tarps are rugged, withstand extremes of temperature and are waterproof makes them the perfect protection for any boat. Now we offer our Marina Boat Garage which is a useful portable shelter for ensuring that boats are afforded the very best protection from whatever Mother Nature can throw at them.”

If your boat lives outside, keeping your boat covered is a must in order that you protect your investment. The sun can damage and fade your boats upholstery and the rain causes water damage as well as sagging from the weight of pooled water inside the boat. When your boat is left uncovered it also becomes a trash receptacle for debris, bugs and leaves blown by the wind. Protecting your boat with a secure tarp is the way to prevent this type of mess.

Mr. Page, from the company who specialise in heavy duty tarps and green tarps added, “Our Marina Boat Garage is made of premium ten ounce fabric and is available in green, grey or beige. It is big enough to fit most leisure boats and comes complete with two free double zipper doors, anchors and one roll-up door kit.”

About Tarpaflex
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