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Looking for a boat auction? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are searching for a fishing boat, deluxe yacht, speedy powerboat, or racing sailboat, you’ll find it here at Besides the boat auction listings sorted by type and make, be sure to check out the Boating Articles, the Boat Show calendar, and the Boat Manufacturer listings. You’ll find both new and used boats for sale. So if you are one of the 750,000 boat owners in the USA searching for their next boat or a prospective new boat owner, you’ll find that boat, yacht, powerboat, or sailboat here.

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Are you searching for a particular make of boat? Lots of boat enthusiasts are loyal to a particular brand of boat and only are interested in those boats for sale. You can easily view boat auctions by the most popular boat makers. Searay, Mastercraft, Bayliner, Kawasaki — they’re all here. Choose your boat manufacturer below.

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In addition to finding boat auctions, you can catch up on your boating news and boating tips. You’ll find press releases from boat makers, tips on boat ownership, and more. Our most recent articles are:

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How about some reading to help you with buying a boat. You can see our complete list of top buying a boat books and even view buying a boat videos. Learn about Power Boating, Boating Basics, Rules for Every Boating Situation, A Guide to Purchasing a Sailboat, Fishing Boat Basics, High Performance Boating, Characteristics of Offshore Yachts, and more.